Headland Views

The owners had a clear vision for this house based on their previous building experience. This site had been in the possession of the family for some time and an original family house was demolished to make way for the new construction.

The house was to be contemporary, not overly complicated or ostentatious, providing the required accommodation and maximising the views. The owners engaged Mark Lawler of Mark Lawler Architects to realise their vision.

This site presented some great opportunities and also some difficult challenges. There are fantastic views over the ocean to the south-east and from the second storey a panorama over Swansea Channel to the north-west. It was important for the clients that these views in both directions be maximised. Unfortunately, these views were towards unfavourable orientations.

The views towards the south-east over the ocean exposed the house to the harsh winds and severe storms that brew from this direction. The views over Swansea to the north-west needed shielding from the hot afternoon sun. To further complicate the views to the south-east, privacy from the street needed to be carefully considered.

A small public car park provides access to the beach directly opposite the site, and the owners’ privacy needed to be protected from this public space…

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Photography Annette Brooker, Lavish Photography.