The Art of Science

It has long been conjectured that art and science share some underlying truths. While many see the two disciplines at opposite ends of the spectrum, others see notable similarities.

Both require skills to transform information into something else, something new. Both are forms of investigation. Artists apply skillful technique to create things that change the way we feel; scientists use skill and technology to change our health for the better.

The intrinsic relationship between art and medical research has been highlighted in this year’s HMRI Art Series, a Hunter-based initiative that began over eight years ago.

Each year, HMRI commissions a respected local artist to create an artwork to represent the work of the HMRI Researcher of the Year.

These artworks hang on the walls of many of HMRI’s gracious supporters as a reminder of the research discoveries they have helped achieve. The original artwork is then auctioned at the annual HMRI Ball.

The latest artwork to be introduced into the series was created by iconic local artist Rod Bathgate.

While Rod is traditionally known for his sweeping Novocastrian seascapes, he was eager to engage with the challenge of depicting Professor John Attia, the reigning Researcher of the Year…

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Story: Ellie Mcnamara, Hmri Communications Officer.  Artwork: Rod Bathgate.