New Generation Geranium

I often wonder what happens to all the plants that get sold through nurseries, supermarkets and hardware stores every year, how many survive and flourish, how many don’t and how many never even get planted.

It is easy to assume that most of us set out to buy plants with a specific idea in mind and then purchase those plants that meet the needs of an area in our garden.

Although we do make planned purchases, this is clearly not always the case and a lot of what we purchase is bought on impulse.

Plants are chosen for their usefulness and their beauty, but unlike a lot of other commodities they are also purchased for their potentiality. That is, we buy them not only for what they are but also for what we hope they will become and this creates a specific problem.

Buying on impulse means we buy a plant because it looks beautiful in a pot and so plant breeders respond to this by concentrating their efforts on breeding plants that look good in pots and not necessarily on how well they will grow in the garden…

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Story: Mark Adamson, Heritage Gardens Nursery, East Maitland.