Cruising to New Zealand – The Way to Go

The sight of an ocean liner’s dark blue hull contrasting with the white sails of the Sydney Opera House and the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour is enough to excite a dedicated cruise lover, Phil and I included.

We were about to board Holland America Line’s (HAL) “Oosterdam” for a two-week cruise around both islands of New Zealand. This holiday for me in particular had been the carrot dangling on the end of a long string for twelve months. After a long, hard-working year in 2013 and finally achieving deadline for the last edition of the year, the reward was in sight.

Cruising for both my husband and I is one holiday where we can’t help but relax, turn the mobile off, leave the laptop at home and forget there is an outside world. Once you unpack your belongings in the stateroom you are ready for the holiday to begin. Having sailed with HAL two years previously through the Alaskan Passage, we knew what super times lay ahead. This medium-size top-star rated ship offered a quiet sanctuary and definitely lived up to our expectations once again…

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Story and Images: Marilyn Collins.