From the Paddock to the Bedside

It is hard to believe when seeing a photo of Fifi that she was once a rescue dog. She is a purebred Maremma livestock guardian dog who spent the first three years of her life on a farm guarding her sheep in their paddocks in the inland region of the New South Wales South Coast.

Fifi (pictured right) was abandoned by her owner/farmer and was found wandering between farms until she was chained up and left in the care of a caretaker. Eventually she was rescued by a Maremma breeder in the area, and suffering from neglect with abscesses and a grass seed in her eye, required some medical attention. She was retrieved by her breeder at Bathurst.

Enter Erin Williams of Aberdeen, in the Upper Hunter who wrote her personal story which will be included in a book published by Penguin Publishing titled “Dogs That Make a Difference” in time for Mother’s Day this year…