Rod Bathgate – A Fascinating Man

I first saw this artist working “al fresco” in the manicured grounds of Lake Macquarie Art Gallery and was interested to watch a middle-aged, long-haired man working furiously on a water scene with pastels, an unusual medium these days. One is always conscious of invading the privacy of another and so I moved on, but not before I marvelled at the skill on display. A year later I unknowingly came across that same artist’s work at Cook’s Hill Gallery, where gallery owner, Mark Widdup, had long been both mentor and admirer of the artist. In my case I was, once again, literally stopped in my tracks by the quality of the framed image. It was a beach scene and the light of a summer’s day flooded the work; but it was the water effect that drew my eye, perfectly captured in all its translucent, light sparkling and reflected beauty. I had seen this scene on a thousand beaches on a thousand sunny days and yet, somehow, through sheer talent, the artist had been able to take an image from the natural world and render it on paper with such precision and execution it was breathtaking. I knew instantly that I was viewing the work of an artist of significance. His name is Rodney Bathgate…

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Story and Image: Michel Chatenay.