Northern Exposure

Back in the era when baby boomers were creating their first home, it was a case of making do with hand-me-down furniture from within the family or sourcing second-hand items from second-hand stores. Unless you were well off, very rarely did the average young couple make a brand-new major purchase. Credit charge cards were also non-existent, so you saved until you had enough money to make a cash purchase.

Times have changed and gone the full cycle from the showy exhibition homes, and many astute couples are now seeing the value in furnishing and decorating their homes with sentimental and quality artefacts from past eras in keeping with the era or creating an eclectic look. Surfing the internet is a proven great way of sourcing second-hand items, especially on eBay or the popular Gumtree, as “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”.

After owning previous circa 1900 homes in the Mayfield and Tighes Hill areas, Chris and Libby searched for six months in their preferred location of The Junction, yearning to be closer to restaurants, schools, the beach and inner Newcastle.

The circa 1916 home close to the retail strip of The Junction was priced right, much to their surprise, after being on sale for
a time.

The property boasted a spacious backyard perfect for their growing family to play safely on one level with the bonus of off-street parking. Using their imaginations, Chris and Libby could see past the colourful array of vivid wallpapers lining every wall and visualise the perfect family home for their young children…