His Highness Highclere

If the Hamptons came to the Hunter, then ‘Highclere’ is probably where they would holiday. The luxurious styling is the perfect mix of old and new, of high end and homemade. The possessions reflect the unique heritage of the owners, and their journey to finding, and fixing-up, their ideal farm.

When Point Piper-based Edward Wakatama and Lee Pinder bought the 50-acre cattle property on a quiet curve of the Paterson River near Vacy three years ago, it was just like any other faded farmhouse with a falling down fence.

Now, two gorgeously glam cottages sit side by side within manicured gardens, surrounded by sun-grabbing decks, sensible stables and an avenue of Cottonwood Poplars. The front door is itself an artwork, painted a bright shade of yellow known as ‘happy’ – setting a glorious tone for the rest of the home…

Story: Penny Evans. Photography: Nick Watt.