Illustrating Newcastle

A lot can happen in three years and that is certainly true for expat artist and illustrator Liz Anelli, who found her way from Essex in the UK to Alice Springs via a whole new life in Newcastle! About to head off on a research trip to Lake Eyre, Hunter Lifestyle Magazine was lucky enough to catch her for an interview before she embarked on her latest adventure.

Liz Anelli (pictured) is an extremely talented and busy woman. From writing and illustrating children’s books, to working creatively with kids in schools, to mapping and drawing the Port of Newcastle, her skills are many and her enthusiasm infectious. Although she has only been in Newcastle for just over two years, it is easy to see how she has already become an integral part of the city’s creative landscape.

As a relative newcomer to Australia, Liz admits that although it took her a number of years to reach our shores, she always envisioned a life here and has long harboured a passion for this sunburnt country…

Story: Laura Jackel. Artworks: © Liz Anelli –