A Leap of Faith

There is something of a leap of faith involved when you decide to build. You have an idea in your mind of what you want your outcome to be in terms of added rooms and outdoor spaces. You may have an idea of the ideal layout – but unless you are possessed of a superior imagination, visualising and skills how to integrate them, the project can be problematic.

This is where first-hand experience comes in handy and a strong will to tackle the challenge head-on, especially as an owner/builder. This is what Kristy Francis, the project manager for Lathams Kitchens and Interiors did.

Backed by her fifteen years’ experience in the field, Kristy designed drafted, coordinated, supervised, project managed and even worked on the building of her new home shared with partner Rod and his two young sons….

Story and Images Marilyn Collins.
Kitchen and cabinetry design and construction: Lathams Kitchens