Rock Solid

Professional drummer, respected teacher and Newcastle rock legend Craig Rosevear is not one to sit on his laurels and bask in his previous career success. Hunter Lifestyle Magazine caught up with Craig to chat about his star turn on the front page of this year’s White and Yellow Pages, as well as his career highs and exciting plans for the future.

Although Craig is now probably best known for touring the world playing drums with The Screaming Jets, his musical background and training were highly traditional and began at school under the excellent tutelage of Broadmeadow High (now Hunter School of Performing Arts) teacher, Peter Cronan.

“I played in the Marching Koalas as well as the school concert band and for the Sydney Youth Orchestra and I was lucky enough to have an inspirational teacher in Peter. I went on to play drums in various rock bands from age 15, which could have been detrimental to my school life, but all it really meant was I did a lot of homework out the back of pubs waiting to go on stage!”…

Story Laura Jackel.