A Year Without Matches

How many of us have had a feeling that their working life that was once a consuming passion is now all too consuming and that life is like that little white mouse on the Ferris wheel in a science lab cage? How many of us would honestly put up their hands to say ‘me’? Yet, how many of us would step away to undertake an unknown journey of rediscovery? It takes courage.

In her recently launched book ‘My Year Without Matches”, Hunter-bred Claire Dunn bares her soul as she recounts twelve months of her life spent three years ago living in the bush being responsible for her own survival.

Growing up on the family farm at Woodville, near Paterson with her four siblings, Claire Dunn had been exploring and protecting wild places since she was a child. Her love for the natural world propelled her to work for many years as an environmental campaigner for such organisations as The Wilderness Society. In the drought of 2004, Claire co-authored the book “Talking Water: An Australian Guidebook for the 21st Century”…

Story Marilyn Collins. Images Australian Geographic, Photographer Ben Ey..
“My Year without Matches” is available at all good bookstores and online at www.clairedunn.com.au.