Dedicated to the Dromedary

These people love camels – as Penny Evans discovered very close-up. “Never work with kids or animals.” That’s what they say. Yet for the team at Oakfield Ranch that is all they do. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rodney and Diane Sansom’s place at Woodberry is more ark than farm; there are at least two of everything you can think of. Sheep, cattle, turkeys – check. alpacas, geese, donkeys – check.

Miniature horses, bison, water buffalo – check, 45 camels – check. Yes, that’s right; the Sansoms have 45 camels. Right here in the Hunter. They’re not just lolling about chewing their big bottom lips though, they’re working camels. They spend their days wandering along the soft sand at Anna Bay or at any umpteen numbers of community fairs and shows across the district. Well, at least the quiet ones do. The ones with a little more ‘spunk’ go racing…

Story and Images Penny Evans.