A Renovation with Top Honours

With its magical workmanship and incredible attention to detail from the front entry to the internal work, this project demonstrates exceptional quality and ensures it stands head and shoulders above all other finalists. Judges of the HIA-CSR Housing Awards.

In the real estate game “it’s location, location, location” that counts, so when Cessnock -raised real estate agent Cain Beckett saw the potential of a deceased estate, a 1910 timber cottage on the Cessnock market, set high on what the locals call “Hospital Hill”, one of two high points in the city area, he was quick to negotiate the purchase, foreseeing its potential.

The location is aptly named, being close to the Cessnock District hospital and set amidst a streetscape of similar-aged cottages, many of which are now undergoing renovation yet still retaining the character of the Jacaranda-treed neighbourhood sitting above the Cessnock CBD with views of the Watagan Mountain ranges.

The name plate on the front verandah, “Apple Porch”, is a name which has proved very popular with other home owners throughout the valley area and one which Cain really felt suited the property. Walking through the front gate under the ornate timber portico, you step onto the front verandah featuring a heritage church pew…

Story Marilyn Collins. Image Shane Leonard.