Newcastle East Heritage Walk

It is well known that the East End of Newcastle has many scenic and entertainment attractions. It is also well known that it is a very historic location with many sites of heritage value to be discovered. A recent development has made it easier to locate these historical sites and give a pattern or order to our explorations. The Newcastle East Heritage Walk links a number of historic sites and guides the walker around a sequence of locations that defined the birthplace of the city.

A brochure has been produced by Newcastle City Council which helps to guide the walker around 18 marked heritage sites. The brochure is available from the Visitor Information Centre at Honeysuckle or it can be downloaded from the internet. It contains basic directions and information and a simple map. The walk has been very cleverly designed however, as the map and brochure are not really needed to find your way around the circular route. Each location is marked with a pleasingly designed information board with map, and the location of the next site is described on the board with directions where to go and how far away it is…

Story and Images Gregory Powell.