More Than a Name

A familiar sight around the streets of Newcastle and regional suburbs are small grey cars bearing the name “Leah Jay Property Management”.

The name Leah Jay is more than a branding of a successful company, it is the name of a very determined and talented woman who has built a unique business in a male-dominated industry and provided careers for countless enterprising young women for twenty-one years.

As the employer of a fifty-strong, all-woman team aged from early 20s to 60s – and many long-standing employees of over 10 years, Leah Jay is forging ahead.

Leah grew up in the country town of Orange, NSW, the eldest of three children. “I had a fairytale vision of what my life would be after finishing school. I had started working in a gift shop then envisaged that I would meet the man of my dreams, fall in love, get married, have a family and play tennis every week with the girls,” she said. However, life had other plans for Leah.

Story Marilyn Collins.