Realising a Dream

Damian Wright was sixteen years old when he heard live flamenco music for the first time. It was during a performance by Niño Josele at the Sydney Opera House. That evening changed everything for him. It was at that moment that he knew he wanted to be a flamenco guitarist. Now he leads the most successful ensemble of flamenco music in Australia.

Damian’s journey may seem unusual. Why would a Novocastrian teenager care about a traditional Spanish form of music, song and dance?

This can partially be explained by Damien’s musical home environment growing up. He started taking music lessons when he was six years of age and grew up surrounded by a family who nurtured music. His father, his mother and his sisters all play different instruments. Damien’s family not only encouraged him to learn how to play an instrument, but to be open-minded about what is commonly labelled as “World Music”, a label he dislikes. “I never felt like I was limited to playing one type of music or another when I was growing up,” he says…

Story Elena Terol Sabina.