Brumby 250 Tournament

12-14 April and 26/27 April 2019, Stroud

Trainers from Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley have been competing in the Brumby 250 Tournament, a first for New South Wales and an initiative by the Hunter Valley Brumby Association. The Brumbies were captured from Kosciuszko National Park and were completely unhandled when they met their trainers in August last year.

President of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association, Kath Massey: “To ask people to take care of and train a wild horse for 250 days is massive ask, especially in such a devastating drought, but everyone jumped at the opportunity. We have just been astounded with what the trainers and the Brumbies have achieved in such a short time and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the finals and no doubt the crowds will also be amazed.”

The final events of the Brumby 250 Tournament will be starting at the Working Equitation Down Under Nationals at Stroud on April 12-14 where they will compete amongst the best nationally and judged by both national and international judges.

They will then compete at the Stroud Show on 26 and 27 April. The grand finale on the Sunday will be a freestyle competition showcasing everything the Brumbies have learned over the past 250 days.

Hannah Pikkat is one of the trainers from the northern beaches of Sydney, training Gypsy, and until now, had never saddle trained a horse before, “This is has been a fabulous learning experience. I’m nervous about the finals but I’m also very excited to show what the Brumbies can do and what I have taught Gypsy,” says Hannah who has also opted to keep her Brumby after the Brumby 250 Tournament is finished, “She was the perfect horse I was looking for and after everything we have been through, I couldn’t part with her now.”
Photo: Shannon Smith, La Bella Vita Photography