Back to Back Galleries presents a new exhibition

September 13 – September 29

Back to Back Galleries presents Orbit, an exciting exhibition of pottery and paintings by Cooks Hill artists Barbara Greentree and Anne-Marie Hall.

Potter Barbara Greentree and painter Anne-Marie Hall share a passion for the natural environment in which they orbit. The patterns, intricacies and colours of nature are a source of wonder and delight. Their individual experiences are expressed uniquely. Barbara through her skills as a potter, shapes, decorates, and glazes her pots as functional vessels, which can stand alone as objects of art. Anne-Marie expresses her art through the medium of acrylic paints, which she boldly applies on canvas.

Barbara’s forms and colours reflect her environment which is predominately coastal. Landforms and colours of the coast, particularly the blue tones are reflected in the glazes Barbara employs in some her work, which are layered to seem like moving water in rock pools. Reminded of Newcastle’s green valley with the grey, coal hue that lay over so much of it has inspired works that reflect wide blue skies and charcoal land. Another feature in this recent work is the use of bright solar flame reds and clear whites as though seen against the black of night skies and rocks.

Anne-Marie has become a passionate painter since her retirement after a variety of career paths. A painter of only 5 years following retirement, Anne-Marie expresses her love of colour through the medium of acrylic paints, as she feels their vibrancy and immediacy best suit her personality and love of bold colour palettes. Strongly drawn to and excited by the patterns and details found in nature, Anne-Marie employs a “blending” technique which enables her to apply various tones of the one colour in a smooth, flowing format. This technique provides both depth and texture. Anne-Marie also produces semi abstract paintings which are painted loosely in bold brush strokes using intense colours, as a response to a period in her life of real angst, which tend to be more spontaneous.

Orbit is on at Back to Back Galleries from Friday 13th of September to Sunday the 29th of September. The official opening of the exhibition will be on Friday the 13th between 6 and 8pm.