Close encounters

Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra offers the experience of a lifetime combining luxe accommodation options and gourmet dining with the thrill of an African wildlife safari – all without ever leaving Australia. Set within the grounds of Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium, guests have a choice between Giraffe Treehouses, Jungle Bungalows or one of seven suites in the uShaka Lodge. Each room brings visitors up close and personal with different species: there are monkeys, giraffes, meerkats and even sharks. At a sumptuous African-inspired dinner in the Rainforest Cave guests will enjoy the company of white lions and hyenas. Exclusive tours and animal encounters are on offer, that day visitors to the zoo generally don’t have access to. Guests staying for two or three nights can experience different rooms and stay near different animals every night. Staff at Jamala Wildlife Lodge are passionately committed to providing their guests with education focused, world class, personal wildlife experiences. They firmly believe that these direct connections will lead to a better understanding of the natural world and behavioural change and will help inspire much needed conservation efforts. Animal welfare and protection are a key focus at Jamala. Most animals are included in breeding programs to help create larger genetic populations and safeguard against extinction of endangered species.

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