Back to Back Galleries: The things that make us

14 February – 1 March

‘The Things That Make Us’ is a group exhibition that explores everyday objects and the role they play in shaping our lives. Featuring ceramic works by Olivia Hamilton and photographic works by duo Jasmine Poole and Chris Sewell, the show invites the viewer to consider their own relationships to the objects around them.

Olivia Hamilton draws from the idea that the world we live in shapes who we become. From precious items like an antique vase passed down through the family, to everyday items like our favourite mug or breakfast bowl, the objects that surround us are part of the fabric of our lives. They tell the stories of who we are, and where we come from.

Jasmine Poole and Chris Sewell explore the act of preserving objects that have been discarded or donated by their owners. They piece together fragments of others’ lives and project onto them a new imagined narrative and purpose

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc, 57 Bull Street, Cooks Hill
Open Friday – Sunday 11am – 5pm