Pianist Garrick Ohlsson at City Hall Newcastle

20 February

A man, a piano, and you. Garrick Ohlsson is a revered American pianist, a master of the intimate art of the solo recital. His commanding presence – very tall, and with one of the largest handspans of any pianist – is at odds with the delicacy and finesse for which he’s famous. Half a tonne of glossy black wood and gleaming metal becomes a time machine, allowing the music of his favourite composers to speak to us with uncluttered immediacy. If you just want to hear good music beautifully performed, this is an ideal opportunity.

Program One opens with the engaging work Beethoven regarded as the best of his own early sonatas, followed by Prokofiev’s gripping first ‘War’ Sonata. Program Two highlights Brahms: Clara Schumann, the finest pianist of her age, called his late pieces ‘a true source of enjoyment, everything, poetry, passion, rapture, intimacy, full of the most marvellous effects’, and she wasn’t over-stating it. The second half of each program is all Chopin, a composer dear to Ohlsson’s heart. He remains the only American to have won the Chopin Competition.

For more information and tickets https://musicaviva.com.au/ohlsson/