Join the Ronald McDonald’s kindness challenge

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW is challenging people across the country to participate in the Great Kindness Challenge encouraging people to complete one act of kindness daily for thirty days. These good deeds could range from buying groceries for an elderly neighbour to simply leaving a thank you note out for the postman.

The charitable organisation that provides care and support to families with a seriously ill or injured child has created this challenge to allow people to share kindness while raising much needed funds to support families who are in need. All money raised from the challenge will go directly towards supporting the services that provide a home away from home for families with a child in the charity.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW’s CEO, Ross Bingham said the Coronavirus pandemic has allowed people more free time, therefore, this is a chance to take advantage of that time in a positive way.

“This time should be about making a difference for other people, and simple acts of kindness can really have an impact on someone who is finding the current situation challenging,” Ross said.

While the pandemic has been a cause of concern for everyone, globally, the impact has been far greater for families with children in life-threatening conditions.

“Social distancing and self-isolation are new to most of us. But for many of the families who access our services, it has been their way of life for weeks, months and even years. Catching a cold can be life-threatening for a child, so self-isolation is a means of survival.

“The families who come to us already struggle to find time to work, shop, and cook for themselves whilst being far from home so their child can get the help they need. They need our help more than ever.”

Greater Bank will be supporting the challenge, gift matching donations from the community up to $3,000. Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Matthew Hingston said the cause is one they can get behind.

“Through our charitable foundation, we have supported Ronald McDonald House in the Hunter since August 2019 and are delighted to continue this support by getting behind the Great Kindness Challenge.

“It will not only provide important financial assistance to a valued partner, but also spread plenty of goodwill across our community at a time where we could all do with additional support.”

Emily’s parents, Nathan and Suzie, are just one of many who have sought the help from Ronald McDonald House Charities so they can stay nearby to the hospital providing vital medical care to their daughter. After being diagnosed with Leukemia at just three-years-old, Emily’s parents and two sisters have spent more than 419 nights at Ronald McDonald House so they could be by their child’s hospital bed, which is located far away from home, school, their families and friends.

“We were told to take Emily to the nearest hospital immediately. They said not to pack a bag, and we didn’t have time to think about what was happening. We just had to grab our keys and go,” Nathan said.

“Without Ronald McDonald House Charities, I don’t know what we would have done. Once we got over the initial shock, we would have looked for accommodation options, but we’d be in real financial strain.”

For more details and to take the Great Kindness Challenge, visit