Choose your own journey: 1×4 exhibition

UNTIL MAY 31 – Museums use objects to tell stories, but objects can tell multiple stories from many points of view. So, who chooses the story? Which story is the truth? In museums, curators choose an interpretation but 1X4 turns this upside down. Each object in this exhibition tells four distinct stories. You can listen to or read each of the four stories … or some … or none and just enjoy the beauty of the objects. An object as simple as a child’s dress can tell of the Baby Boom generation, the symbolism of the colour pink, an individual’s childhood or the science of the Nylon revolution. Every story is the truth about the object and is a valid way to view the object, but they are all different. Developed by Newcastle Museum, the secrets of 1X4 are revealed via your mobile phone or tablet by visiting 1× To delve even deeper, pack your headphones for an audio tour.

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