Saturday: when commercial artists go rogue

MARCH 13 to JUNE 6 – Saturday is a playful exploration of when commercial artists go rogue! Six young creatives respond to a non-commercial brief with each allocated a day of the week to explore and collaborate in their own medium. It is an exciting artistic opportunity offered by Maitland Regional Art Gallery, without the constraint of deadlines and the compromising nature of the commercial creative world. Andy Gallagher leads the charge with his response to Saturday, delving into the world of digital technology to create immersive worlds with virtual reality. Visitors will experience how the artist uses virtual reality to suspend time and allow them to exist inside a synthetic interactive space. The Monday to Friday artists will be Andy’s lab rats and be the first to experience his virtual world. This will influence their own day of the week as they create their individual responses. Artists to be featured include Melissa So (Monday), Alex Morris (Tuesday), Carlo Delos Santos (Wednesday), Zoe Lonergan (Thursday) and Sophie Brown (Friday).

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