Weaving the Red Thread

Amanda Trieger and Sahara Contempree, passionate naturopathic menstrual educators, were called together by local mothers to offer positive menstrual education to their children and Weaving the Red Thread was born. They offer educational, practical and experiential support to cultivate and nourish a positive menstrual experience, body positivity, confidence, self-esteem and to supports body autonomy encouraging long term healthy life habits and relationships. Amanda and Sahara‚Äôs workshops and courses empower holistic wellbeing that support individuals to understand their body, mind, heart, sexuality, and sociability in the context of their cyclical nature. Amanda and Sahara have both graduated in Naturopathy at Southern Cross University, and draw upon extensive yoga teacher training and studies at Red School and Menstruality Leadership via Jane Hardwicke Collings, dedicating their practices to youth and women’s health nourishing a positive menstrual culture.

They have a range of courses supporting mothers and daughters through menarche and puberty.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/weavingtheredthread/ for more information. A new website will be launched in 2022.