Category: Edition 69

Revival Par Excellence

A home renovation project must be given careful consideration, due to the extent of the work to be undertaken and the cost of the work. It can be very expensive, due to the difficulties involved, particularly when demolition requires opening up portions of the house to the weather until construction is complete. Located in Speers…
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At Home in The Vineyards

The popular television show “Escape to the Country” attracts an audience of people fascinated with the real-life stories of couples wanting to escape the British cities for a relaxed way of life in the countryside. Similarly, Australians have the same fascination and a whim to do likewise – to escape the smoggy city and head…
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A Leap of Faith

There is something of a leap of faith involved when you decide to build. You have an idea in your mind of what you want your outcome to be in terms of added rooms and outdoor spaces. You may have an idea of the ideal layout – but unless you are possessed of a superior…
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Beauty Reawakened

A classic Hunter heritage residence has been given a new life and rebirth after the creative owners lavished much love and attention on its restoration. Many people yearn for the great open spaces in which to live, while others feel more comfortable and connected when living in an inner-city environment. Such is the case for…
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His Highness Highclere

If the Hamptons came to the Hunter, then ‘Highclere’ is probably where they would holiday. The luxurious styling is the perfect mix of old and new, of high end and homemade. The possessions reflect the unique heritage of the owners, and their journey to finding, and fixing-up, their ideal farm. When Point Piper-based Edward Wakatama…
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Illustrating Newcastle

A lot can happen in three years and that is certainly true for expat artist and illustrator Liz Anelli, who found her way from Essex in the UK to Alice Springs via a whole new life in Newcastle! About to head off on a research trip to Lake Eyre, Hunter Lifestyle Magazine was lucky enough…
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Style Sanctuary

A feeling of calm descends as you enter this family home at The Vintage at Rothbury in the Hunter Valley. Quite a surprise really, with a busy family of four living within its walls, but this is no ordinary home. You can sense that the sure hand of the creative owners and the team of Yarrum…
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A Year Without Matches

How many of us have had a feeling that their working life that was once a consuming passion is now all too consuming and that life is like that little white mouse on the Ferris wheel in a science lab cage? How many of us would honestly put up their hands to say ‘me’? Yet,…
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California Dreaming

Bask in the sunlight with this West Coast inspired fashion feature… Fashion Editor: Lara Lupish. Photography: Matt Briggs.

Rock Solid

Professional drummer, respected teacher and Newcastle rock legend Craig Rosevear is not one to sit on his laurels and bask in his previous career success. Hunter Lifestyle Magazine caught up with Craig to chat about his star turn on the front page of this year’s White and Yellow Pages, as well as his career highs…
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