Doctor Adventurer

For one of our region’s most colourful and unique emergency doctors, retiring as a GP in a quiet country practice is his ideal way to finish a career full of adventure, achievement and humanitarianism. But not yet; that is just the dream.

Dr Paul Hui is an amazing man who is happy to share his life’s work, travels and tales in this story.

Brave, life-changing decisions aren’t easy to make, for anyone. A lot of thought goes into the pros and cons, the good and the bad before you even get close to choosing which path to take. That is unless you are Dr Paul Hui, who has managed to shape his incredible life and career around impulse-driven, humanitarian-based and opportunistic decision-making moments.

Born in Hong Kong, Paul Hui admits to being a “rebel who didn’t take schooling seriously”. In his youth he spent more time thinking of himself as a young revolutionary, he says, like Motorcycle Diaries, Che Guevara, taking to the street protesting against the colonial government of the time, rather than focusing on education and career.

“I had too much fun in Hong Kong and after a while I realised that I didn’t have an education like I wanted; at the time I was a registered nurse but I wanted more.”

As Paul carried his hope and aspirations forward as an emigrant to Australia, his enthusiastic ‘rebel’ streak came along for the ride, and would never really leave him, regardless of the qualifications and training he would undertake. In fact, his ‘streak’ would shape his very being…

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Story: Story Amber Dale, Calvary Mater Newcastle.