Guilt Free Delicious Desserts

Divine Vegan Desserts redeems the reputation of the dessert, proving that it can be beautiful, wholesome and delicious.

The recipes, all dairy and egg free, with many gluten-free, low-sugar and nut-free choices will give you energy and lift your spirits.

There are mouth-watering favourites like sticky date pudding, New York-style lemon cheesecake, double-fudge pecan brownies, and tiramisu. Celebrate with one of the many vegan recipes, such as a sensational double-chocolate layer cake with raspberry puree.

One of the unique features of this book is the inclusion of a selection of divine vegan desserts being created around the world, in cafes, restaurants and cooking classes. Chefs from Australia, New Zealand, the west coast of the USA, and Europe have shared the secrets of their recipes, allowing you to recreate them in your kitchen….

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Extracts from Divine Vegan Desserts by Lisa Fabry.
Photography: Heidi Linehan.