A Sweet Symphony

David Banney is quite possibly the busiest and most multi-talented man in the Hunter.

Whilst some might be content with one or even two jobs and a family, David is a part-time medical doctor, composer, violin and viola teacher, orchestra conductor, radio presenter, PhD student and father! With his continuing thirst for knowledge and quest to strengthen the classical musical scene in Newcastle, life will not be slowing down for David any time soon.

Growing up in Rockhampton and Townsville, David’s first passion was playing cricket. That all changed when he heard a family friend play the violin at church, bringing his attention to the beauty of classical music. David began practising frequently and with his family’s support as well as a natural ability, he decided to retire his much-loved cricket bat once and for all.

“As I showed a real interest in learning the violin I was lucky enough to receive free lessons at school through the Education Department’s instrument program,” said David.

“Townsville did not have a big professional music scene, so I played and sung a lot with our local church choir and I was also introduced to the art of conducting…”

Story: Laura Jackel.