I Feel Like a Tooheys!

The Tooheys Cooking Handbook pitomises the ‘have a go’ spirit synonymous with the Tooheys brand comes this collection of 80 recipes perfect for any home cook.

Featuring a range of Aussie favourites, along with Asian, Mexican and Italian-inspired dishes (among many others), The Tooheys Cooking Handbook is a reflection of the changing tastes of Australia: down-to-earth, hearty meals we cook and eat on a regular basis.

Tooheys Cooking Handbook is brimming with the kind of food you want to share with family and friends, from the best spaghetti bolognese to not-so-fancy fish parcels, the legendary meat pie to peri peri prawns (not shrimp!). There’s even a recipe for beer soap!

Read more in Edition 75 of Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine.