Suburbia Captured In this City’s Side

The houses, hills, parks, people, cars, roads, our coastline and our sea have all been captured on canvas by Newcastle-based artist, Paul Maher. His upcoming exhibition entitled “In this City’s side” is where you will see the suburbs of Newcastle.

Maher has been translating suburbia into figurative and landscape paintings for over 30 years and in this new exhibition viewers will be delighted to find many familiar Newcastle scenes portrayed in Maher’s unique and often playful painting and drawing style.

Maher can be found most nights in his home studio, canvas on the ground and a long-handled paint brush in hand, making wide painterly gestures across the canvas, painting in the water or making delicate marks that will eventually turn into houses on a hill. His palette is generally made up of muted shades of orange, green, dusty browns and blues. Sometimes there is a vibrant ultramarine blue or canary yellow and he will cleverly leave some bare canvas to add another colour change…