Successful Spring Gardens

The warmer months are here, and naturally we prefer to be outdoors. It’s the ideal time of year to do some gardening.

Where to start?
All plants need nutrient, water and light to grow.
How much of each, and when, depends on the plant and where it’s planted.
This edition, and the next, offers some useful information, which will guide you towards a beautiful, and enjoyable garden for many seasons to come.

Gardening 101

  • the soil – how much and what type is required
  • nutrients – what’s required for the plants you’re considering growing, how much and how frequently it needs to be added
  • water – how much is just right
  • light vs. sun – how many hours of sunlight, as opposed to direct sun, is ideal, and at what times of day…

Story and Photography by Susan Crichton-Walsh.