New York Style Beachside

The house was designed with a solid, fortress-like façade yet with a dramatic bird’s-eye view from the top level, commanding views of the Merewether and
Bar Beach seaside landscape.

When the owners acquired a residential block located in one of Merewether’s popular streets, they had precise plans to redevelop the site starting at the back of the block by building a tri-level contemporary residence while living in the circa 1930 bungalow at the front of the block destined to be the next development.

The site was problematic, due to being on a steep incline at the top of a narrow, one-way access road utilised by neighbouring properties, not to forget the sandy, 370 square-metre block on which they planned to build.

Being avid property developers, the owners Debbie and Jerry undertook the project to owner-build once the major external structure was completed so as to have the flexibility to make necessary changes as the internal work progressed.

Builders who worked early in the project were the late Jim Velich, and Paul Dean of Maitland carried on until the final completion.

“The site was challenging in terms of building and planning so as to allow sunlight into the living areas whilst maximizing the ocean views,” commented building designer Murray James…

Story and Images Marilyn Collins.