The Purple Patch

There is a movement growing like wild weeds across the Hunter region, although weeds are exactly what they don’t want.

Backyard vegetable patches and community gardens are springing up right across the district as locals are becoming more aware about sustainability, health and the fruits – pardon the pun – of harvesting their own hard work.

This urban spread of greenery and grocery sounds like happy, buzzing bees coming home to the hive to one Maitland green thumb. Kate Beveridge started Purple Pear Farm more than 10 years ago, down what was then a quiet lane out the back of Rutherford. Now her 14-acre oasis is ringed by huge industrial and residential developments, but still it thrives.

“A diverse ecosystem is a strong one,” enthuses Kate. “We are showcasing what can be done with food and animals on a small scale, in a natural environment.”

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Story and Images Penny Evans.