What is the Value of Repairing a Broken Life?

Destiny Haven’s raison d’être is to repair the lives of women who have been shattered by life-controlling illnesses such as drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and, self-harm.

Destiny Haven provides the professional, physical and emotional nurturing needed to restore the health and capacity of women to enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lifestyles.

There are so many reasons to support women who have taken a wrong turn. For over 80% of women battling addictions, the common precursors are childhood trauma and abuse and mental illness. While many addicted women hail from challenging social environments, almost 30% are from middle-class, educated and stable environments – just like ours!

Destiny is not a detox centre or a hospital – and it not only about stopping addictive behaviour. It is a safe haven: a home where women, committed to slaying their dragons, are accepted and supported as they move through the long healing process (9-12 months). With professional counselling clients confront and address the underlying issues that render them susceptible to destructive behaviours. They then begin to heal- to regain their self-esteem, health and the confidence to move forward.

For further information or to donate visit: destinyhaven.org.au

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Story Jo Archer, Engagement Manager, Recovery Program Network.