Painting Australia with Fresh Perspectives

“If I wasn’t an artist, I would work as a missionary, knocking on people’s doors and urging them, ‘’Guys, you’ve gotta come outside and look at all the green.’’

After living abroad for ten years, local artist Lukos Hey returned to Newcastle and is seeing Australia with new eyes. The brightness of our blue skies, bright colours and golden sands were mismerising after those many European winters. It was almost as if seeing the landscape for the very first time.

Having grown up in Wingham and relocating to Newcastle to study for an art degree, Lukos always has had a close affiliation with the Australian countryside. His exhibitions reflected superbly the Australian countryside and glorious sunsets.

Lukos Hey has an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art from the Hunter Institute of Technology, Newcastle where he studied under great tutors as John Morris, Michael Bell and Jill Orr in 2001. He also studied under the careful watch of colourist and late friend, Maize Turner at the University of Newcastle in 2002 completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has held many successful exhibitions here and overseas.

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Photo: Miranda McCristal.