Four-Pawed Miracle Workers

Carmel Kaczmar  is one of the many unsung heroes of the Hunter who give of their time, resources and own money to aid those in need and to make a difference in their lives.

Carmel understands what it is like to face challenges in life, and her ongoing dedication to help people living with a disability is inspirational and life consuming.

“Fudge”, as she prefers to be called, was a finalist in the Newcastle & Hunter Lifeline’s Steel Magnolia Award, and rightfully so.

More than one hundred people, volunteers and clients, could walk through her home’s front door at East Maitland in one week, all in support of her dedicated cause.

Fudge adores dogs, and as someone who has achieved formal dog training qualifications she has established a not-for-profit assistance dog training organisation to provide trained dogs for people with various physical disabilities or mental illness.

Her deep understanding of people’s needs comes from her own life’s experiences.

Courageously, she recounted her life story showing why she does what she does. Fudge endured a harrowing and difficult upbringing, where she suffered many forms of abuse. Her life was threatened many times as a child.

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Story and Images Marilyn Collins.