A Symbolic Bridge Of Unity

Built to honour his father’s life’s work, a Woodville garden creator has constructed a sandstone bridge representing multi faiths, which is a powerful lasting gesture of religious unity and his hope for peace and unity in the world.

You couldn’t find a more peaceful and picturesque setting than Albion Farm Gardens, a tranquil, stunning 15-acre garden estate at Woodville, near Paterson – a credit to its creators Phillip and Sandra Redman.

Since our first edition we have followed the development of Phillip Redman’s creations of a sandstone-lined lake, a boat house, and now two bridges – the newest one which was officially opened on 25th September 2016.

The multi-faith sandstone bridge is the latest accomplishment of Phillip Redman, who is an avid lover and collector of “rocks”, as he calls them because of their permanency. These “rocks” are actually stunning blocks of honey-coloured sandstone.

The bridge’s dedication was planned to coincide with the garden’s first opening weekend in five years, proceeds of which will be donated to St Mary’s Anglican Church, Maitland.

The sandstone bridge is located on the lower flat level of the gardens down by the lotus gardens, comprising sandstone-lined petal shapes planted out with multi-coloured lotus flowers.

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Story and Images Marilyn Collins.