Memories of ‘Mayfield Garden’

Take a walk around “Mayfield Garden” in Oberon, NSW one of the largest privately owned gardens spanning more than 160 acres, constantly developing and evolving thanks to the passion and dedication of the Hawkins family.

Recently, a conversation with a client brought to mind a sculpture featured in a private garden that I had been intending to visit for some time.

It was fortuitous timing as; whilst Mayfield Garden proper is open year round, the expansive private gardens, on the same property, only open twice annually, and briefly, in their entirety each Autumn and Spring. Some fewer parts of the private gardens open during summer and winter.

The seasonal festivals in Spring and Autumn have a set program of festival days which include live entertainment, special event catering and interactive games. The Macquarie Philharmonic Orchestra was playing the day I visited, along with a local musician in the cafe/ nursery area.

Mayfield Garden is situated in Oberon, NSW about 31/2 – 4 hours’ easy drive from Newcastle. Originally purchased by Garrick Hawkins in the 1980s as a working farm, it started its transformation in earnest in the mid 1990s.

It’s one of the largest privately owned gardens in the world spanning more than 160 acres, and is constantly developing and evolving thanks to the passion and dedication of the Hawkins family.

We were there for the first weekend of the Spring festival opening, and I was dreading the prospects of large crowds and lots of traffic. However, the experience really got off to a good start. It was very easy to get to, traffic into and out of the gardens was very well managed and parking was a breeze…

Story And Photographs By Susan Crichton-Walsh.