A Creative Master Design

Fourteen years ago when writing edition two of our “Hunter Lifestyle Magazine”, I first met Greg Wilson OAM, who had at the time recently opened his Hunter-based art gallery at Pokolbin to display his colourful artworks. Over the years, I have featured his career highlights and achievements countless times in ensuing editions.

Greg is recognised internationally for his artistic talent as well as his dedication in supporting his passion of combatting mental Illness by being a Patron to many known and leading mental health causes.

Greg is no stranger to depression, having survived a traumatic near-fatal motorcycle accident 24 years ago. He was pronounced dead twice by paramedics at the scene but miraculously was brought back to life to make a slow recovery both physically and mentally and escape his demons.

A life once seen as dark and black is now a life full of colour, vibrancy, and a passion to deal with past issues and go on to support others to find beauty and purpose every day.

In doing so, together with his wife Josie Alder and author Aaron Cootes and his wife Joyce they have created an artistic retreat which is awe-inspiring and a haven for their combined creativity, and have thus achieved a long-held dream.

The four have been a close-knit team for many years with a unique bond, and together they have created a superb lifestyle in Pokolbin.

For more than twelve years both couples lived together in virtually little more than a large tin shed divided into rooms on their acreage tucked away in the foothills of the Pokolbin district, sufficiently remote to create a peaceful environment yet close to everyday conveniences. There was the dream to one day create a space where Greg could work on his art and also his new-found love of creating sculptures. As a trained carpenter in his young days Greg is multi skilled and his work shows proof of this.

Story and Photography by Marilyn Collins.