Well Laid

If there is one thing people are particular about it is their eggs. Everyone has been asked ‘and how do you want your eggs?’ at some point, and everyone has an opinion about the best way to cook them. The best way to grow them though, is something not many people give much thought to. They come out of the carton right?

One person giving that a lot of thought is Sarah Sivyer, the owner of new kid on the block label “Just Been Laid”. It’s free range, pasture raised, egg production on a commercial scale, with a personal touch.

Sarah isn’t new to farming, she is fifth generation Allyn River bred. The family has owned the farm at beautiful Eccleston, up the winding Allyn River road past Gresford, nestled between rolling hills since the 1850s. However, Sarah is new to chicken farming. And it’s something she has chosen to do while pressing pause on a corporate career. “It was now or never, there was never going to be a good time to leave the corporate world, but I had to, for the opportunity to work alongside my dad,” says Sarah.

“Everyone knew I wanted to come home to the farm, but I wanted to do something that would be complimentary to Dad’s beef operation,” says Sarah. “So after nearly 18 months of researching, I settled on free range egg production, where the chickens would move across our pasture after the cattle to help fertilise the soil,” she says.

Story and Images Penny Evans.