Painting Australia’s Landscapes

Robbie Duck lives in the right place for an artist who specialises in traditional landscapes. Her home is at the end of a winding gravel road, not far from the small country town of Quirindi, south of Tamworth.

The property is far enough from town to be quiet and the view from her backyard is an undulating panorama. Around the house, trees create ambience and shade.

From Quirindi originally, Robbie was raised on a sheep and cattle property and husband Brian relocated back home from the city, deciding they wanted to give their two daughters a country

upbringing. They started their garden shortly after they began building the family home in 1986, with the help of Brian’s father Harry. Trees such as oaks are now of large enough to provide an ideal place for Robbie to sit, with easel, brushes and paints and be inspired.

Inspiration is something the Duck couple appreciates. They are both artists though Robbie is the more serious of the two. “Brian doesn’t like oils; pastels suit him better, “Robbie says. On the other hand, Robbie only paints in oils with her favourite brands Winsor & Newton and Old Holland.

Story Angela Zujic Photography Christella Zujic.