Beachside Heaven

Seeing is believing is a known comment when one inspects homes of such quality. The best of photography cannot depict the quality of this featured custom built waterfront residence at Port Stephens built primarily as a holiday home and a potential retirement location for the owners. However, when you walk up to the marine blue painted front door you know you are in for a memorable visit. The owners having owned the original property for some years had experienced family time at the location and were well familiar with the weather and changing patterns of the sun and wind. This knowledge assisted in the creation of the home which was two years in the planning. They had defined ideas of what was a “must” – one being a dedicated and passionate bibliophile had to have storage for his countless collection and naturally the lady-of-thehouse had to have input into her kitchen and butler’s kitchen. A high degree of fine details has been expertly executed throughout this remarkable home. The builder Graph Building has pushed the limits of residential construction, from the creation of a basement in sandy water charged ground, to the large cantilevers of the rear deck and roof construction.

The home was constructed by Adamstown based builder, Graph Building. “Graph has been in business for almost twenty years”, says General Manager, Ross Howard. “Although most of our work is commercial construction, over the years many of our commercial clients, who know ‘what we do and how we do it’, have asked us to construct housing projects for them. We have always had good results with these projects, so much so that we’ve now established a housing division, Graph Residential. The owners didn’t previously know of Graph, but we were recommended to them by one of our longstanding commercial clients, for which we’re very grateful, as the owners have been great people to work with,” he added. The other owner of Graph, John King, is Graph’s Construction Manager, and he personally managed the construction of the residence. “One of the pleasures in constructing a building like this is the close interaction with the client and the architect. It’s vital to give attention to fine detail, and to deliver high quality finishes that everyone is happy with, yet to do so at reasonable cost. Whatever price level a building may be pitched at, delivering real value for money is still an important responsibility of the builder,” John said.