Frank Pulls The Strings

Seventy years later the Lorn man has finally seen his dream of being a puppeteer come true following the launch of Frank’s Fantastic Fairytale Theatre. But while Frank may be the namesake, the creation of Maitland’s new puppet theatre has been driven by the combined efforts of a group of writers, directors, puppeteers and production crew all keen to reinvigorate this seemly lost performance art. Most of those involved are also members of Maitland
Repertory Theatre, including Frank, who spent around 20 years as its President, Helen Hopcroft, Colleen Kirkman, Kadisha Patterson, Vic Thompson, Alastair Anderberg and Millie Chorlton. Children’s Librarian David Marley, who spent years putting on one-man puppet shows at Maitland City Library, brings valuable puppeteering experience to the group, while photographers Lizz Mackenzie and Libby Arnold are helping the group visually document their performances.