Wonderful Border Collies

The Ellalong veterinary nurse has spent almost three decades training her ever-growing band of Border Collies (she currently has nine), teaching them how to compete in agility and obedience competitions and share their skills on the silver screen in television commercials, programs and movies. Kelly and her powerhouse pooches also travel across Australia with celebrity vet Dr Katrina Warren, performing an array of amazing tricks at a range of dog shows, corporate and community events under the banner of The Wonderdogs. For a person who always knew she wanted to spend her life working with animals, it has been a dream come true. “It’s really a case where every now and then you have to actually stop and say to yourself, as busy as I can get and as exhausted as I can be, I’ve got the best job in the world, I get paid to work with my own dogs, it doesn’t really get any better,” she said. “I love working with my own dogs, I like to be challenged. I’m always teaching new things. I like that it’s
always different.” While Kelly bought her first Border Collie in 1992, her interest in dog training began with the rescue dog her family adopted when she was about 13.