Stay in the Chalets

After graduating in medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1985, Jacqui Harvey relocated to Newcastle thirty years ago, and like so many countless people before her she fell under its spell, settling in the popular and trendy suburb of Cooks Hill. Shortly after moving to the Newcastle, Jacqui commenced practice as an Assistant Surgeon and continues to work as an assistant in the field of Orthopaedics. Also working in her own practice, the Vein and Laser Centre at The Junction, she has been treating venous disorders since 1992 and offers the full range of non-surgical and minor surgical treatments that can be performed in an office setting. Like her bubbly, colourful personality Jacqui’s office is in vast contrast from the average medico’s conservative consulting rooms. Instead her rooms are full of colourful walls lined with outstanding artworks and original photographs. Jacqui finds the architecture of residences around the Cooks Hill district have a special appeal, with many exuding the old world charm of the classic residences. Her first step into buying investment properties started six years ago, when she saved an old classic in Dawson Street from a sad existence. It had been languishing to the point of near destruction by University students, having been rented for over 26 years. “It was an instant decision to buy and renovate with future rental in mind,” said Jacqui who called in her builder Matt Haines of Hainesbuild and electrician Glenn Wilton of Wilton Electrical. Both had previously completed excellent work on the Vein & Laser Centre at the Junction and also Jacqui’s own home. The garden was in a very sorry state but was brought back to life by the expert services of Daracon.