The true history of Hunter wine

A new book documenting the Hunter’s rich history of winemaking was launched in September, revealing the changing historical conditions  and many personalities that have helped shape the Hunter Valley region, and Australia’s drinking culture, over the past two centuries. Hunter Wine: A History is the result of a four-year research project led by the University of Newcastle’s renowned sociologist, Professor John Germov, and Australia’s leading wine historian, Dr Julie McIntyre. Tracing six generations of wine
producers, from when the first vines were planted in 1828 to the changing tastes and rising interest in wine of the 1980s, the book uncovers new truths about the Hunter’s wine community and connection to the global economy.
“Some of what used to be called the history of the Hunter wine  region actually came from past marketing material. This project replaces ‘fake history’ with knowledge obtained through what historians consider to be scientific methods,” Dr McIntyre said. Over the course of the project, the team accessed public and private archives in addition to interviewing 22 Hunter Valley personalities, preserving their oral history and memories. Dr McIntyre adds, “These mixed historical sources are invaluable in building an understanding of the region’s past, contributing to a new understanding
of Australia’s role in a critical global sector and the nation’s growing taste for wine.”

Read more about what’s happening in the community in Edition 92, Summer Edition 2018/2019 of Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine.

Edited by Maxine Throll