Passport to success for students

Recognised for its outstanding support of international students,
a University of Newcastle initiative has won the NSW International Student
Award for community engagement in the education provider category. The
Student Experience Passport, designed as part of the University’s Language  Centre’s Student Experience program, breaks down barriers and opens opportunities for international students to engage in meaningful
connections with the community. The small passport-style booklet
features a range of extra-curricular activities that students can work through to familiarise themselves with a new campus and city, foster friendships and improve their English. Students can track their progress and development throughout the program and for every completed activity students collect a  stamp. Twenty stamps earn them a coffee voucher and entry into a prize draw. Director of the Language Centre, Associate  Professor Seamus Fagan said winning the award was a remarkable  achievement: “It is a testament to the Language Centre team, in particular 
Anne Burnett and Tim Hyde who developed the passport. It demonstrates
the considerable focus we place on improving the overall living and learning experiences of our International Students.”

Read more about what’s happening in the community in Edition 92, Summer Edition 2018/2019 of Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine.

Edited by Maxine Throll