Chords, calluses and companionship

Liz Kitney formed the Central Coast Ukulele Club (CCUC) in 2011. Since that time it has grown from a small group of 25 people to numbering in the hundreds. The ukulele’s popularity has waxed and waned for more than a hundred years but in 2018 it is here to stay. So, if you are interested in learning the ukulele there will be a group near you. If you need more reasons: it’s fun,it’s compact, it’s affordable, it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself to learn something new that is not too complicated, and an ideal chance for companionship. And it will of course make you smile.  

Further information about the CCUC can be found at:

Read more about the Central Coast Ukulele Club in Edition 92, Summer 2018/2019 of Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine.
Story by Maxine Throll, photography courtesy of Central Coast Ukulele Club